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Evie Kiels

Casual (Sex) Friday - Evie Kiels Casual (Sex) Friday has been waiting since February 2011 to be put into the world, and I'm so very excited its time has come. It's a little story about Ben and Calvin. Ben, poor Ben, is just a little jaded when it comes to relationships, thinks everyone is a faker, and thinks sex is the only honesty in relationships. In other words, he has issues with dating. And then we have Calvin, poor Calvin, who just wants Ben to give him a chance... err, 2nd chance. Immovable object meet unstoppable force! This is a little peek into their lives where we get to see just what it takes for Ben to give that whole relationship thing another try.In case the title doesn't tip it off, there is explicit sex in the book and it's important enough to the plot that I would classify CSF as erotica. One of my goals in writing CSF was to write a story that was more erotica than romance. I hope I succeeded in a satisfactory manner, and I hope anyone who reads the books finds something to enjoy within.