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Something Happened on the Way to Heaven - L.J. LaBarthe, Sasha L. Miller, Samantha M. Derr, May Ridge, Kayla Bain-Vrba, Isabella Carter, Elizah J. Davis, Evie Kiels, Sylvia A. Winters, Debora Day, Megan Derr One of my most beloved worlds has a novella in this anthology! On Wings Not My Own is a story of lovers torn apart then reunited. There are two vignettes in the same world available for free reading on my website: In the Meadow of the Rabbit and The Mailmen
Of Sweaters and Heartache - LyingOutLoud Great short story. Strong first person voice. Perfectly angsty.
Owen's Home and Garden - Evie Kiels Ah OHAG. I wrote OHAG during one of the more stressful moments in my life. I had just moved 1,200 miles to Colorado without the husband (a job thing). I missed everyone and was working through some serious feelings of loneliness and frustration. The yearning to leave the unfamiliar and go somewhere safe and known channeled itself into my writing and into OHAG. Add onto that, another book in the OHAG world had just been rejected, so I was determined to succeed at this one! That also channeled itself into the book. Thus, a story of running away and tenacity was born. To those of you who give this book a chance, I hope you enjoy Owen's Home and Garden.
Digital to Analog (Kiss Me Quick) - Evie Kiels Digital to Analog is a smooshy little Valentine short. The main characters are undergrad electrical engineering students — a breed of student I hold near and dear to my heart. And around Valentine's Day, in the middle of winter, college days can be dark — literally and figuratively. Sometimes classes are awful, labs don't work, people suck, the weather sucks, the text books make no sense, maybe a different major would be better, and inevitably something else goes wrong. For some reason, that's the background of what came to me when I got the Valentine call. But, being the happily-ever-after oriented girl that I am, I couldn't let that be the whole story for the main characters in Digital to Analog. I hope you enjoy my inaugural release.
Casual (Sex) Friday - Evie Kiels Casual (Sex) Friday has been waiting since February 2011 to be put into the world, and I'm so very excited its time has come. It's a little story about Ben and Calvin. Ben, poor Ben, is just a little jaded when it comes to relationships, thinks everyone is a faker, and thinks sex is the only honesty in relationships. In other words, he has issues with dating. And then we have Calvin, poor Calvin, who just wants Ben to give him a chance... err, 2nd chance. Immovable object meet unstoppable force! This is a little peek into their lives where we get to see just what it takes for Ben to give that whole relationship thing another try.In case the title doesn't tip it off, there is explicit sex in the book and it's important enough to the plot that I would classify CSF as erotica. One of my goals in writing CSF was to write a story that was more erotica than romance. I hope I succeeded in a satisfactory manner, and I hope anyone who reads the books finds something to enjoy within.